How Can We Assist?

What is your return policy?

Since we deal in live bait, returns are generally rare but will be considered on a case by case basis.  In general, all bait will be sold alive and we cannot assume responsibility for keeping your bait alive once it leaves our possession.

How much is a bushel?

A bushel by volume is 9.3 gallons and a bushel of crab will weigh approximately 35-40 pounds and will fill two 5 gallon buckets to the top. The dimensions of the bushel bag are 19x32 and has a draw string enclosure.

How are the crab sold?

Crab will be sold in mesh bushel bags or we can load them directly in your cooler.

What are the payment options?

We take all major credit cards, cash, Venmo and Paypal.

How long do Green Crab survive out of the water?

It varies by how you store them. Green crab can survive for 3-5 days in a cooler or almost indefinitely if you store them in saltwater.  The life of crabs can also be extended by placing a wet towel on top of them inside your cooler.

What should I do with leftover crab?

Kill them, eat them, donate them, but under no circumstances should you return them to the water. Dumping green crab in harbors can cause irreversible damage once they are established.